Sunday School



Learning about Jesus starts early at Abiding Word. Every weekend, we learn the lessons of God’s love for us in Christ. These are the messages that we find at the core of our worship life. They are also the stories that we use to build children and parents up in their knowledge of the bible. Each weekend at Abiding Word, we offer a curriculum of Sunday School Classes for students ages 3-14. Often, we extend those lessons to parents in special classes called “Cross Training.”

We use a talented staff of volunteers to teach God’s story to a next generation. As students grow, and as new lessons are learned, the foundations of God’s Word stay the same. We are committed to teaching the timeless message of Scripture. Each lesson is drawn from a bible story and applied to the students’ daily lives. We are committed to teaching the truths of God’s law and gospel. We want to understand not only his holy will for our lives, but also his amazing grace and forgiveness in Jesus.  We are committed to learning God’s truths for life. We encourage students to remember and treasure the words God says. And we are confident that God’s Holy Spirit gets all the credit for our growth in faith.

We invite you to join us each Sunday at 9:15AM for Cross Training Sunday School.

Teens are invited to the new LYC Loft to learn “Tough Truths for Tough Times,” a study of First and Second Corinthians.


April 5, 2015

“Jesus Dies and Lives Again” serves as the lesson focus for Sunday School this Easter Sunday. Good Friday is both the worst of days, revealing the gravity of our sin and God’s wrath, and the best of days, forever portraying God’s love for us in the crucifixion and resurrection of His Son. Parents could ask, “What makes Good Friday so good? Why is Easter so important for a Christian?”

April 12, 2015

Today in Sunday School, we study “Jesus Reinstates Peter.” We are all like Peter in our words and actions, denying our Lord and weeping bitterly over what we have done. We are in need of the same comfort that Peter received—the comfort of sins forgiven and the assurance that even though we are faithless, Jesus will remain faithful. You might discuss, “How did Peter express his sorrow and repentance? What specific directions did Jesus give to Peter?”

April 19, 2015

Today in Sunday School the children studied “The Conversion of Paul” and learned that as God did with Paul, so God does with us. Through the Law we are crushed by the weight of our sin and are helpless. As God revived Paul through Ananias (Acts 9:1–31), He revives us through our pastors with the proclamation of His Word and the administration of His Sacraments granting forgiveness, life, and salvation to all who believe. Talk to your children about how the Sacraments and God’s Word revive you so that you may live as God’s child.

April 26, 2015

In Sunday School today, students learn the story of “Paul’s First Missionary Journey.” Just as God sent Paul and Barnabas to spread the Gospel, so today He sends pastors to preach the Gospel, baptize, and feed Jesus’ body and blood to His children, against whom the gates of hell cannot prevail. Consider discussing, “Who gave Paul directions on where to travel? What was Paul’s message?”

May 3, 2015

The story of “Paul and Timothy” serves as the focus of Sunday School today. Just as many in Paul’s day thought, we think we must do something to be saved. Yet the answer is always Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus, whose resurrection from the dead sealed our salvation and absolved the world. Questions for discussion include “How are you like Timothy?” and “How are we saved from our sin?”

May 10, 2015

The Sunday School students study the story of “Lydia” today. Just as God worked His miracle beside the river, clothing Lydia with Christ in Baptism, so God works His miracles in pulpits and fonts around the world today, destroying the work of Satan, ripping believers from the jaws of death, washing away sins in water tinged with Jesus’ blood, and clothing believers with His righteousness. Parents could ask, “How did God use water to save Lydia and us? Who does God use to reveal His Word to us today?”

May 17, 2015

The account of “Paul and Silas in Prison” serves as the focus of Sunday School today. Just as God freed Paul and Silas from prison, granting them life out of death, so Christ by His crucifixion and resurrection frees me from the prison of my sins and grants me life eternal. Questions for discussion include “How is this event more that just a story about Paul’s escape from prison?” and “How has God rescued us from the prison of sin?”

May 24, 2015

Today, the Sunday School students study the account “Paul Sails for Rome.” As Christ was with Paul and His companions, so He is with me, holding me up, keeping me with Him in the ship of the Church, and casting all my sins into the depths of the sea. Parents could ask, “Who and what did God use to keep Paul safe? How does God keep us safely with Himself?”

May 31, 2015

On this last Sunday of the spring quarter of Sunday School, students study “John’s Vision of Heaven.” Those who believe that salvation has been accomplished by the all-availing sacrifice of Jesus’ blood on the cross will bear the name of Christ, written on their forehead in Holy Baptism, and will have the right to the tree of life. Consider discussing, “How does John describe heaven? How is the promise of eternal life in heaven ours?”

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