Delivery of Trenbolone Enanthate – main ideas and advices

1) Upon receipt of the corresponding amount to the specified PayPal, your order is being processed within 1 day maximum

2) Your order will be sent to your specified address by post

3) Our manager will notify you about the shipment of the order and send you the number of the


How to get Trenbolone Enanthate easily in USA and do not get scammed

If the parcel is lost, we will send you a photo of the postage receipt, using which you write an application for finding the parcel in the mail. If the parcel is not found (to confirm that the search was done, send us a scan of the official mail response about the loss of the parcel), then we will send the order again at our own expense (you only pay the secondary delivery fee). We work honestly and value every client!

The order is packed very carefully, minimizing the possibility of damage in transit. Everything is laid with paper and taped in many layers. If something breaks, then send us a video of opening the parcel, then we will send you a replacement at our own expense.

When opening the parcel, shoot a video. In the event that the received parcel does not correspond to your order, ONLY a video of opening the parcel can be proof of your innocence, otherwise no claims on the order will be accepted.