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Christians in Conflict

Course overview

We’ve been enjoying time in God’s Word learning his direction to the big problems that conflict can cause in our lives. The last weeks of August will show us how knowing the peace of Christ leads us to be peacemakers in our own relationships

August 2 – Equipped for Peacemaking

If we mean to bring conflict to an end, what are the most important qualifications for peacemakers? Come learn why Christian peacemakers have to have humble hearts and a strong sense of God’s humble and patient love for us and all people.

August 9 – Hard Teachings

“Don’t judge, lest you be judged” is likely one of the most misunderstood passages in the bible. Come consider how God authorizes us to use his Word, while guarding us from using it in a self-righteous way.

August 16 – City of Peace

When a family has learned to overcome its conflicts, it serves as an example for many others. When a congregation has learned the value of unity, it is well-poised to be a beacon of God’s truth. Our study Christians in Conflict concludes with an encouragement toward evangelism and personal witness.

August 23 – A City of Peace (Conclusion)

We’ll bring our study of Christians in Conflict to a conclusion today, recounting the key themes and blessings that God’s Word has taught us this summer.

morepreparedNew Bible Class Begins August 30!
Prepared to Answer

Course overview

How does a Christian Respond to all the confusing questions we hear in our world? Perhaps our simplest response are the straight-forward stories of scripture. We’ll take a look at some of the questions from the much loved books of WELS Pastor Mark Paustian:

Aug 30 – Rally Day – Prepared to Answer # 1 “Why Stories?”

“Apology” is a tough word. And it’s not just because people don’t like saying ‘I’m sorry.’ That’s only one of the meanings of ‘apology.’ The other is ‘giving a reason for what you say or think.’ This is what we mean by christian apologetics. In our new class, we’ll learn that the simplest way to defend our faith is simply to tell its stories. Come join us so that you can be Prepared to Answer.

September 6 – Prepared to Answer # 2 “There are No Moral Absolutes”

When morality begins to shift and slide, it can seem that truth and justice is not far behind. But God is determined to see that his Truth is known to the ends of the earth. Let’s learn about morality and how God’s Word is still and will always be our best defense.

September 13 – Prepared to Answer # 3 “But I’m Pro-Choice”

So many lives. So much despair. How can our world think so little of the unborn? How can a person respond to the sadness surrounding abortion? God’s Word gives us a clear direction to follow. We respond with God’s love for the world. Let’s find out the story that he gives us to share.

September 20 – Prepared to Answer # 4 “Marriage Doesn’t Mean Anything Anymore”

When we hear that “Jesus never said anything about gay marriage…” there’s a straightforward way to respond. But the re-definition of marriage is only one of many problems we face in the 21st century. Let’s find out how how to honor God’s most blessed estate by hearing what he really says about it.

September 27 – Prepared to Answer # 5 “How can you think that about gay people?”

Homosexuality is nothing new. It’s been around for as long as the bible itself. But lately, believers are having to deal with the sin of homosexualty more than ever before. Let’s learn what God’s story does say, what it doesn’t, and how we’ve been given the honor of sharing the love of God.

September 4 – Prepared to Answer # 6 “What Ever Happened to Tolerance?”

Christians, it seems, are always going to be challenged into defending the words of their Savior Jesus. And when those words are twisted, it is our honor to respond with truth and love. And when the love of Christians is scoffed at and scorned, our job only gets more urgent. As always, let’s be Prepared to Answer.



Teen Bible Study:

Teen Class Continues!

We’re continuing our study of the Book of Revelation. Many find the images and pictures of this book to be fascinating and frightening, but the basic truth of Jesus’ victory is one that we need to see clearly. Check out the topics we’re discussing from now until October 4. Come join us in the LYC Loft at 9:15.

Satan’s War

Do you ever wonder why so many people can’t stand the teachings of Christ and his Church? Well, the war has been going on for a long time. Learn Satan’s strategies and how Christ continues to defend us.

Under Attack

It’s amazing to investigate all the ways that Satan has threatened God’s people throughout history. Learn how God’s people fought back again and again with the Word of God.

Jesus in Control

When disasters strike, we look to our leaders to set the tone. They attempt to understand our fearful reactions and calm us with reassuring words. Jesus does the same thing for Christians with the words of Revelation

Satan’s Lies

Satan is a beast. He likes to intimidate and destroy. But what he enjoys most is deception. Come learn how to identify his tricks and to understand how Christ’s truth is a clear defense.


As the centuries went by, God watched his people fall into the devil’s trap. But he lovingly sent men like Martin Luther to restore the Church to its senses. Come learn how God used this modest monk to do battle with the devil himself.



“Cross Training: Sunday School” –CrossTraining teaches us how God’s Word works in our lives. 

Week 1

Summer Sunday School begins this week with “God Made Us: God Creates the World.” Students will learn how God the Father is the maker of heaven and earth. He made them and all creatures. Parents might ask, “How are we different from the rest of God’s creation?”

Week 2

Today in Sunday School, students learn about how God sent an angel to help Peter in “God Made the Angels: An Angel Rescues Peter.” As a family, you might discuss, “How do God’s angels also help you?”

Week 3

The dramatic account, “God Cares for Us: Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath,” serves as this week’s Sunday School lesson. Students will learn how God cared for Elijah through the widow and for the widow through Elijah. Parents could ask, “Who does God use to care for you?”

Week 4

Today’s Sunday School lesson, “God Protects Us: God Rescues Israel,” will guide students as they learn how God protected His people from danger and rescued them from their enemies. Help your children apply this lesson by discussing, “How does God protect you from danger and rescue you from your enemies: sin, death, and the devil?”

Week 5

Today in Sunday School, students explore “Jesus Is True Man: Jesus Is Born.” Children will learn how God sent His Son, Jesus, to be born on earth so He could keep the Law for them and also be able to suffer and die in their place. Consider discussing, “How was the birth of Jesus a fulfillment of God’s promises?”

Week 6

In today’s Sunday School lesson, “Jesus Is True God: Jesus Rebukes the Storm,” children will learn how Jesus is the true God who stilled the storm. Families could discuss, “How does Jesus continue to do the works of God in our lives?”

Week 7

“Jesus Is Our Savior: Jesus Suffers and Dies” is the title of this week’s Sunday School lesson. Students will discuss how Jesus has redeemed them though they are lost and condemned creatures. Consider asking, “Why was the death and resurrection of Jesus necessary?”

Week 8

Today’s Sunday School lesson explores, “Jesus Is Our Lord: Jesus Ascends to Heaven.” Students will learn that after Jesus descended into hell and rose again from the dead, He ascended into heaven to prepare a place for all believers. Families could discuss, “What does it mean to you that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us?”

Week 9

Today’s Sunday School lesson is “Jesus Will Return: The Parable of the Ten Virgins.” In Jesus’ story, the wise women were ready for the bridegroom. Jesus helps us to be ready for His return. Parents could ask, “How can we be prepared for Jesus’ second coming?”

Week 10

In Sunday School, children will discuss, “The Spirit Creates Faith: Jesus Teaches Nicodemus.” Students will learn how Jesus taught Nicodemus that the Holy Spirit works a new birth of faith through Baptism. Consider discussing, “How is this true for you also?”

Week 11

The Holy Spirit renewed the life of the sinful woman, enabling her to show love for Jesus in this week’s Sunday School lesson, “The Spirit Renews Us: Mary Shows Her Love for Jesus.” As a family, discuss, “How does the Holy Spirit renew your life?”

Week 12

In this week’s Sunday School lesson, “The Spirit Produces Good Works: A Widow’s Offering,” the Holy Spirit helped a poor widow give a rich offering. Parents could ask, “How does the Holy Spirit help you do good works too?”

Week 13

The summer Sunday School quarter ends with, “The Spirit Makes the Church Grow: Philip and the Ethiopian.” The Holy Spirit led Philip to extend God’s Church by helping the Ethiopian understand God’s Word and then baptizing him. The Holy Spirit extends God’s Church through pastors and other church workers. Discuss, “How can God use you to extend the Church today?”

For Fall 2015

Lesson 1—Old Testament 2

For the next few weeks in Sunday School, the children will be studying true story of the life of Joseph. It begins today with the account of “Joseph and His Brothers.” Though the brothers didn’t know it, God would use their treachery to bring about His plan to deliver His people and ultimately to deliver us from sin and death through Jesus. A family discussion might include, “How can hatred and unkind thoughts lead to hateful words and actions?” On the cross, Jesus saved us from the hurt and harm of our own sins and the sins of others.

Lesson 2—Old Testament 2

The account of “Joseph’s Troubles” continues the study of Joseph’s life in the Sunday School lesson for today. God was with Joseph; and in Christ, God is with us in all the situations of life, providing, protecting, and forgiving us. As a family, you might discuss, “How do we usually react when we are falsely accused of wrongdoing? How can we learn to trust Jesus to work out all things for our good?”

Lesson 3—Old Testament 2

Today in Sunday School, the children will learn how “Joseph Feeds Egypt” during a great famine. Ask your children, “How do our sins cause suffering for both ourselves and others?” God sent His Son, Jesus, to save all humanity from sin, death, and the devil. Discuss the reality that in spite of how awful life seems, Jesus is with us through His Word and Sacraments, caring for us always.

Lesson 4­­—Old Testament 2

Today in Sunday School, the children will complete their study of how God worked in Joseph’s life. “Joseph Forgives” and reveals himself to his brothers, telling them that though they meant evil, God used their acts for good. Our Lord Jesus Christ reveals Himself to us and forgives us in His Holy Word and Sacraments. Families could discuss, “How was God with Joseph, blessing him through all that happened, the good and the bad? How has God turned bad or evil things in your life or world into blessings for your good?”